Why is It Extremely Hard to Eat and Live Healthy?
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Why is It Extremely Hard to Eat and Live Healthy?

There are plenty of reasons why living a healthy lifestyle can be a real challenge for you. It could be your busy schedule since it often limits your time to prepare nutritious and fat-free dishes. If your busy schedule begins to get in the way of your healthy eating habits, then it is greatly possible that you will skip meals or choose the most convenient option to eating: fast foods.

But no matter how busy you are, it is still necessary for you to make healthy eating and living a priority. You need to take good care of your health to boost your focus, efficiency and productivity. Continue reading this article so you will know the different challenges that often interrupt people from maintaining a healthier lifestyle and how you can deal with them.

Challenge #1 – It is Hard to Change or Break a Habit

Most people often engage themselves in a lot of unhealthy eating habits. Some of these habits started when they are still on their childhood. Among the best examples of these unhealthy habits are excessive eating, having dinner even if not hungry, the tendency to settle towards unhealthy foods when shopping or taking unnecessary snacks especially those that are rich in unhealthy carbohydrates and fats. It would be quite hard to break all these habits especially if you have been doing most of these for a very long time. But if you are really serious about improving your health, then motivating yourself to get rid of these nasty habits will no longer become that difficult.

The best way to deal with the challenges linked to changing or breaking your old unhealthy habits is to identify all of them. Create a list of all these bad habits. Try to change them one at a time instead of breaking them all at once. Note that it is more sustainable to make gradual changes when trying to stay healthy.

Challenge #2: Strong Connection between Foods and Emotions

There are people whose eating patterns are greatly connected to different feelings or emotions. An example would be eating when bored or anxious. There are also those that eat their comfort food when they feel like they need to be consoled. If you think that your foods and emotions have a really strong connection, then starting to live healthy might be a challenge for you.

The best way to handle this challenge is to create a list of all the foods that you eat on a regular basis, the specific time when you eat them and your emotions during the time when you can’t seem to stop yourself from eating them. This tip can help you in identifying the major reasons why you find it hard to stick to your diet plan. Use all the information in your list to make changes in your eating habits. Try to address certain emotions with other activities. For instance, try to take a walk or exercise when you feel stressed.

Challenge #3 – Lack of Motivation and Discipline

This is a real challenge especially if you are trying to stick into a strict diet plan and workout routine. If you want to make great changes in your body and health, then you need to have a generous dose of motivation and discipline. Motivate yourself by setting realistic goals. Envision what you would be like after you reach your established goals. Trying to envision the results of sticking to a healthy diet plan and workout routine can motivate you to work even harder.

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