The Heath Benefits of Chai Tea
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The Heath Benefits of Chai Tea

The health benefits of Chai tea. Why you should drink chai tea for your health.

Chai Tea is a heathy alternative to coffee.  It has some caffiene so it can give you a bit of the caffiene buzz you might need in the morning, but it does not have the same amount of caffiene as coffee, it actually has about 1//3 less.  So if you are looking to reduce your caffiene intake but don't want to give it up entirely then Chai tea might be a much better alternative for you, especially when you find out about all the other benefits this tea can offer you. 

Chai tea originated in India and has a special blend of herbs and spices

Because Chai tea is made from black tea it is rich in antioxidants.  Antioxidants help the body by fighting off harmful things in the body. 

The Spices Used To Make Chai Tea and How They Benefit the Body

Cinnamon - Cinnamon has been said to lower the bodies blood sugar count and can be beneficial to diabetics.  However, most of those articles don't tell you that it is not the reguar cinnamon that we find in the baking section of our grocery store.  Chai tea contains the correct cinnamon.   Cinnamon is also known for opening up the breathing passages so if you are having sinus issues a cup of Chai tea could help you to naturally clear out your sinuses. Cinnamon is also a valuable weapon in increasing awareness and fighting fatigue.  Combine the cinnamon and the caffeine and you have a nice healthy pick me up.

Cardomon - Is a mood elevator.  It can be used to help people with a lot of stress or anxiety to become more balanced.  Cardomon is also said to be good for the heart and lungs as well as the kidneys.  Because it helps kidney function it is beneficial to diabetics.  Because it helps the heart and lungs it could be beneficial to those with heart disease and high cholesteral. 

Clove - Cloves are beneficial in this tea because it has the power to increase the potency of the other herbs in the tea.  Since cloves are hard to eat themselves consuming them in Chai tea is a great way to enhance healthy herbs you digest.  Cloves are also known to help relieve pain. 

Black Pepper - Most peppers have the ability to warm up the body and rev up metabolism black pepper is one of those peppers.  If you have the chills for some reason Chai tea can be very benificial to helping warm you up.  Remember don't drink it before bed though as it does have caffeine.  Try chamomille tea before bed. 

Nutmeg - If you find yourself with a tummy ache after eating some highly fattening foods you may want to drink a cup of chai tea because it comtains nutmeg and nutmeg helps to promote the digestion of fatty foods.  It is also benificial for those with sluggish lymph nodes and kidney problems.

Chinese Star Anise - Further proving that Chai tea is a good tea to drink when you have a cold or sinus issues and you need to stay awake Chinese Star Anise is a remedy for coughs.  If you have bad breath Star Anise can help in that area as well. 

Ginger - Ginger is one of those miracle herbs that does a lot for us.  Ginger is well known as an immunity booster.  It is also a good thing to eat before going on a boat as it helps with motion sickness.  In minor cases it can also help with impotence. It is also known as a helpful ingredient for treating ovarian cancer and colon cancer.  It is also good for morning sickness but there may be other ingredients in chai tea that are not good for pregnancy so getting your ginger in another way may be more beneficial to pregnant women with morning sickness.  Ginger is also known to treat pain and inflammation.  Since ginger is great for the whole digestive system it can also help to relieve heart burn and indegestion.  If you don't have any chai tea and you have a heart burn diet ginger ale made with real ginger can be beneficial as well.  As with many other ingredients in Chai tea ginger also helps with the progression of healing colds. 

Fennel - Further supporting the fact tht Chai tea is good for kidney function fennel is just one more of the healthy things in this tea that helps support kidney funtion.  Also supporting the fact that this tea is good for conditions of the throat fennel has also been used to naturally treat laryngitis.  Fennel also helps to support the immune system. Fennel is also healthy for the eyes. 

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Thanks for the info, voted and +1ed.

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Mmm... I love chai. It's good to know that it's good for me!

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excellent thank you

Wonderful thing to read...

Excellent informative article, Rae.

I love Chai tea and it is about the few drinks I have that is healthy for me. Excellent information. Out of votes but I tweeted this and I am following you.