The Health Benefits of Eating Concord Grapes or Drinking Concord Grape Juice
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The Health Benefits of Eating Concord Grapes or Drinking Concord Grape Juice

Health benefits of concord grapes and grape juice. Why you should eat concord grapes or drink concord grape juice.

September is the time to get Concord Grapes in Season. Concord grapes are the deep purple grapes that don’t seem to be silky, smooth, and shiny like other grapes. They look a bit dry on the outside, but on the inside is an amazing fruit with amazing health benefits. While eating the whole fruit is always the healthiest juice made from concord grapes will also provide you with a sufficient amount of the health benefits that these grapes provide. Concord grapes are usually grown for making juices, wines, and jelly more than actual consumption whole unlike other varieties of grapes. The dark color of the grapes provides something called phytonutrients that contain lots of healthy properties.

Concord grapes contain vitamin C, calcium, and phosphorus, they even have a small amount of protein. So for those who don’t like or have trouble with dairy foods having a serving of concord grapes or grape juice daily can provide you with some of your daily calcium needs.

The most beneficial thing about concord grapes is that the polyphenols they contain can actually help to lower the LDL or bad cholesterol in your body. They can also improve your blood pressure. In studies they have shown that just consuming concord grapes or grape juice for just two weeks showed lower LDL numbers and a lower blood pressure. Concord grapes help to keep the arteries clear and flexible which helps to create healthy blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Another benefit of healthy blood circulation is also a healthier brain.

The polyphenols can also help your immune system and heal damages done to the cells caused by smoking. Other purple grapes, as well as most red berries also have the same properties.

Concord grapes are also high in anti oxidants. While you would think citrus fruits would contain more of these important body protecting nutrients Concord grapes actually contain two times the amount of antioxidants as oranges and grapefruit. This is very important to maintain and improve cognitive function of the brain.


While grapes are very healthy for some people those who have a tendency to get kidney stones may need to avoid them or limit their consumption of them. Grapes contain oxalates which people already have in their bodies, those who tend to get kidney stones a lot though tend to have more than the average person. To many oxalates can solidify in the body causing them to sit in the body and created kidney stones.

More research is currently being conducted on how concord grapes can improve cell health and help fight certain cancers.


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Comments (5)

Like this one...can relate. I regularly include both food products in my diet and am aware of the health benefits. Love the taste of both..two of my favorites. Thanks Voted up.

Ranked #10 in Healthy Living

I love the grapes but I'm not much of a wine drinker. You received one of the last two votes I have today.

You have done an outstanding job with this one.

Oh I certainly can say these are my favorite grapes. I am a concord grape jelly and peanut butter lady too. Thank you for the numerous health information in this well presented article.

Good sharing!