The Five Most Popular Caffeine-Free Coffee Substitutes
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The Five Most Popular Caffeine-Free Coffee Substitutes

This article reviews five of the most popular caffeine free coffee substitutes :Ayurvedic Roast, Teeccino, Dandy Blend, Cafix, and Pero. The coffee substitutes are ranked according to taste and popularity.

Need to cut back on caffeine? There are many good alternatives to coffee made of blends of herbs and grains that do not contain caffeine. Some coffee substitutes may be instant and others can be brewed like regular coffee. Many of the alternatives are actually good for the health.  Here are some brands that ex-coffee drinkers recommend.

Ayurvedic Roast Taste the Most Like Coffee

Ayurvedic Roast is made of an organic herbal blend that smells and tastes similar to coffee. This coffees substitute brews like regular coffee and gets consistently good reviews from those who have tried it. An added benefit is that it is actually good for the health.  It includes antioxidants and organic ayurvedic herbs. The herbs in the Ayurvedic Roast include Ashwangandha, Shatavair, and Brahmi, three herbs believed to have beneficial effects on the mind and body. This blend can be purchased online at

Teeccino-A Popular Coffee Alternative

This herbal coffee substitute is a top-seller in the United States. It can be brewed in the pot just like regular coffee. Teeccino comes in many flavors such as the sweet and light Mediterranean blend and the dark Maya blend. There are also gourmet flavors such as French Vanilla and Chocolate Mint. The only drawback with Teeccino is some drinkers complain it doesn’t really taste that much like coffee, but most agree it is a tasty alternative, and some even grow to prefer it. A packet of samples of the different flavors can be purchased at

Dandy Blend--Dandelion Blend, Anyone?

Surprisingly this mix made up mostly of the roots of dandelion and other roasted grains makes a brew that tastes quite a bit like a good, smooth cup of coffee. Many like the fact that it has no acid or bitter taste. Dandelion, often considered a weed, is actually nutritious. Dandy Blend is actuallyl beneficial because it contains many trace minerals essential for good health. Ordering information can be found at About Dandy Blend.  Dandy Blend is about the same price as regular coffee.

Cafix--A Favorite Instant Coffee Subsitute

Cafix comes in only one original flavor, but that flavor mimics the smell and taste of real coffee well. Made of barley and chicory, it is a smooth, low-acid beverage that many ex-instant coffee drinker enjoy. It comes in crystals or power that is quick and easy to prepare. Many like the taste of Cafix with milk or steamed milk.

Pero--Another Instant Favorite

Pero, made in Switzerland, is the favorite choice of many for an instant coffee substitute. Like Cafix, Pero consists of a natural blend of roasted grains which include barley, chicory and rye. Reviews are mixed as to whether or not it tastes like real coffee. Most conclude it has a taste and smell that is “somewhat similar” to coffee. Many choose Pero because of the low acidity, which is easy on the stomach.  Pero can be ordered on Amazon and other online stores.

It is important to a person cutting back on caffeine to find a substitute that matches the coffee taste they crave. Opinions will vary according to individual tastes, so experimenting is recommended to find just the right alternative.

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