The Best 3 Workout Activities To Do When You Don't Have Time For Exercise
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The Best 3 Workout Activities To Do When You Don't Have Time For Exercise

When you want to exercise but just can't find time to do it, here are the best things that you can do to accomplish your goal of living healthy. Read on and be lucky to know that there is really a time for everything that you want to do!

It is generally known that exercise is a very important part of one's life. Studies have proved that everyone who does a regular exercise coupled with healthy lifestyle and proper diet will ensure the best quality of well-being in life. However, only 20% or less among us actually take time to have a regular exercise; 20% of which spend a reasonable amount of money to pay for a personal instructor, 50% go to public places like parks, beaches, or sports complex to jog or walk, and the remaining 30% enjoy the convenience of their homes.

But if you think you belong to remaining 80% of the population who do not have time for a regular, or the least, just an exercise, here are some good news for you! You do not really have to have a strict schedule for a workout. You don't even have to sacrifice quite some part of your precious time with your beloved ones just to meet your gym instructor. Here are the best 3 workout activities that you can certainly do when you do not have time for exercise. No pressure at all, and most of all, you can do these things at your most convenient time.

1. Walk from home going to your work. Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise. It can burn a good amount calories in your body and can best increase your stamina allowing you to lengthen your productivity. So if the distance of your workplace is just a kilometer or two away from your house, better sweat your ass out taking some brisk or leisure walk than be stuck in a traffic jam. Do the same after work going back at home. Do this at least 5 days in a week and you will feel the tremendous improvement in your vigor after a month!

2. Use the stairs instead of an elevator. Using the stairs going to your office at the 7th floor can be as intense as the squatting exercises of several repetitions. If you can, try to skip a step or two of the stairs to increase the work of your thigh and leg muscles. Do this everyday or at least 3 days in a week and you will be amazed how sexy your butt can be when you do this regularly.

3. Take some intervals to go to the bathroom while at work. About every 30 minutes, see to it that you take some rest and relaxation. At least going to the bathroom and do some stretching can help enhance your blood circulation. Good blood circulation can help promote alertness and can keep you awake for the rest of your working hours. Best of all, even just for a few steps done for several times can be called a workout even though you don't really exercise.

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Useful information on exercising and nicely executed. Thanks

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Good ideas, well written.

Great advice