Radish: Its Unique Health Benefits
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Radish: Its Unique Health Benefits

The unique qualities of radish and it health benefits.

Radish, like other salad items like carrot, turnip and beetroot have assumed great importance in food especially in this modern life filled with tension and stress.

The vitamins and minerals present in radish not only energize the taste buds by the freshness of their taste but also help us fight many common ailments.

Radish is available in white, round pinkish or red varieties. It is eaten raw or cooked.

According to the Ayuverdic Granthas, the soft and tender parts of the radish leaves must be eaten with the radish root, because, while radish root is capable of digesting everything, to digest itself it needs its leaves, but don’t include the yellow leaves or hard stalks. Whenever it is cooked its leaves should be cooked together with it. While cooking it in water in pressure cooker, don’t throw its water when it is tender but use the same water for cooking it in a saucepan. The ideal way to cook it is to cook it in its own water without adding oil to it. When it is fully done, add a little salt and butter. Many people, who wish to eat salt-less vegetable for the sake of lowering blood pressure, eat this ‘Mooli-shak’ which gives the taste of a little salt even if no salt is added to it.

Besides its nutritional qualities, the following qualities of radish help us fight many common ailments:

  • Due to sulfur present in it, radish has a pungent smell which is actually the main reason for its The smell not only adds to faster digestion because of the sulfur present but also kills very many germs and cleanses the filth accumulating inside the body. The sulfur content also helps in ejecting out carbon dioxide from the body. It is also the pungent smell of radish which keeps poisonous insects away.
  • Radish is very effective to purify blood and hence clear blemishes, boils, etc. It not only cleanses the blood but also enhances its circulation. Owing to the presence of iron, it helps in increasing the hemoglobin and keeps the eater healthy.
  • Radish is very good for the eyes due to its ample Vitamin A. The Ayuverdic Physicians believe that if one eats a fresh radish every day in the morning ?one may have sharp and clear eye-sight until old age.
  • Adding a little of salt and lemon juice to fresh radish brings immediate relief. If one eats its dried essence, one becomes almost immune to susceptibility to cold and hence to all sort of phlegmatic diseases like asthma or cosinophelia and others. This essence is especially effective to get rid of your system of the worms in your stomach. The best and the easiest treatment for this trouble is to eat pickled radish in mustard powder and also drink its water.
  • Another good property of radish is its slightly acidic reaction which is very effective to dissolve gall-bladder stones. It acts not only as diuretic but also help dissolve even the large pieces of Calculus (stones).

Radish is a unique root whose effect is hot and cold simultaneously. The heat generated by it induce the system in digesting the eaten food and the coolness keeps the body clean and skin smooth. That is why it is mentioned in the Ayuverdic treatise that eating a radish as the first thing in the morning is the surest way of ridding oneself of the piles and allied diseases.


Improve Your Health With Radish, Carrots, Turnips And Beetroots. Ayurvedcharya Vipul Rao; 1997 Edition, Diamond Pocket Books (P) LTD., New Delhi

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