Post-fasting Weight Gain: How to Prevent Weight Gain After Fasting
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Post-fasting Weight Gain: How to Prevent Weight Gain After Fasting

Post-fasting weight gain: How to prevent weight gain after fasting! Fasting is often done as for religious reasons and as part of gaining better physical health. Period after fasting usually causes weight gain. Breaking the fast the proper way is important to avoid post- fasting weight gain. In this article, you will learn important tips on how to prevent weight gain after fasting.

Fasting is usually done as part of religious beliefs but the post-fasting period can cause weight gain. Read on to learn about the tips on how to prevent weight gain after fasting. 

Fasting is abstaining from some foods and liquids or a complete abstaining of all foods for a specific time period. Metabolism slows down while fasting. The metabolism continues at a lower rate and it causes weight gain after fasting. Introducing food at a slower pace can prevent weight gain and helps the digestive system to return to normal functioning.  Here are seven amazing tips to prevent weight gain after fasting:

1 Avoid overeating

Do not overeat after a fast. Over eating can put heavy load on intestines and upset the body. One of the side effects of indulging in heavy food is weight gain. Eat smaller portion of nutrient dense food at frequent intervals than large quantities of low quality food.

2 End the fast with fresh fruit juices

Organic fruit juices are great to end the fast. Watermelon juice and other natural foods can prepare body to absorb nutrients from normal food. Fruits with low acid content must be selected and acidic fruit juices must be diluted.

3 Introduce foods that are easier to digest

If you fasted for 72 hours, take another 72 hours to return back to normal diet. Introduce foods like steamed veggies, yogurt, soups that are easier to digest during the 72 hour period. Calorie needs are lower for few days due to decline in metabolism after ending the fast.

4 Work out at the gym

Gym workouts are essential to prevent weight gain. Muscle loss can occur during fasting. Once you end fasting, body has to work harder to regain the muscles. So after returning back to normal food intake, focus more on physical activities to build up your muscles.

5 Stick to low calorie snacks

Soups are thin and nourishing after the fast. Top them with fruit slices and easy to digest snacks. Once the body seems absorbing such light and easy to digest snacks, introduce solid food. Be it snack or a main meal, look for low calorie options. Switch to normal eating slowly being on low calorie snacks for few days.

6 Avoid oil and foods high in salt content

Milk, meat and related food products must be introduced slowly into the diet. Digestion of processed food and other complex foods require enzymes and body may not have the digestive juices to digest these foods effectively. Sluggish bowels and poor digestion can contribute to weight gain.

7 Prolong the activities of fast

Reading and meditating on scriptures are part of any religious fast. Continue such activities to prolong the effect of fast. Over indulgence in food can be avoided with continued effect of fast and it helps to prevent weight gain.

Stick to natural whole foods for nutrient dense diet and avoid sluggish bowel movement. So from now simply break your fast the proper way and prevent post-fasting weight gain!

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