Post Wedding Weight Gain: How to Avoid Gaining Weight After Marriage
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Post Wedding Weight Gain: How to Avoid Gaining Weight After Marriage

How to avoid post wedding weight gain! Post wedding season can be a time of weight gain for most couples. Extra invitations from relatives and friends for get together occasions and additional indulgences are likely to cause weight gain. In this article, you will learn about how to be smart in your choices to avoid post wedding weight gain.

Women tend to gain extra weight in their first year of marriage. It is partly due to not having to impress the husband as they did during the dating period. Additionally extra indulgences in restaurants and invitation from guests for meal make most couples gain some extra pounds. Here are some amazing tips on how to avoid post wedding weight gain. 

Snack often

One way to fight the habit of overeating at meal time is to snack often. Most women have the habit of snacking often compared to men.  Women tend to leave the old habit to be like her husband. Trying to avoid snacking can cause extra indulgences at meal time.

Avoid eating like husband

Men require more calories and it is not right to follow their same eating pattern. It is not right for woman to mimic eating pattern of significant other while eating. Remember, females require lesser calories!

Share food at restaurants

Meals ordered in restaurants can be more than your usual intake. The guilt of wasting food can cause couples to eat everything set on the table. A smart way to avoid such extra intake is to share the food. Order extras only if required.

Skip buffet meals

Buffet meals can cause extra indulgences and extra calorie intake.  In fact, buffets are a tempting trap. Skip buffet if possible or snack on some protein snacks to keep you filled till you end the meal.

Exercise just as before

After marriage most couples would love to enjoy the presence of two. This can cause disruption in exercise patterns that were followed before marriage. The same old urgency to impress the other half may be lacking. However, it is best to continue the exercise pattern for your own good health.

Focus on high intensity exercises

Lavish exercise time in the life of bachelor might disappear after marriage. Kick in some additional high intensity exercise to lose weight in less time. High intensity exercises of short duration are effective in losing weight as it burns fat easily. Body metabolism remains high long after exercise time and calories continue to burn. So burn more calories in less time!

Stop tasting while preparing a dessert

A bride entering married life needs to cook and most new brides can be new to cooking. The habit of sneaking a bite from desserts to make sure everything is perfect to present and impress the husband is another prime reason for weight gain. Chew on a candy or a gum to avoid the tendency to taste at every step while cooking.

Stock up the kitchen pantry with healthy snacks and avoid overeating at meal times. Now that you know the tips to avoid post wedding weight gain, it is time to follow them to avoid extra flabs! 

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