Olive Nutrition Facts
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Olive Nutrition Facts

Olive oil healthy and protect your heart

Olive tree is the source of olive, olive oil, fine wood and leafs.

Nutritional facts:below are the nutrients present in one olive

Cholesterol 0

Sodium 52 mg

Carbs 0.5 g

Calories 9

And olive oil; each 100 mg contains

Saturated fat 15 gm

Unsaturated fat 73 gm

Vitamin E 19 mg

700 calories

Studies proved that olive is beneficial for patients with :



Stomach Problems

Olive oil heals any soreness or inflammation, anywhere in your body. Also Study showed that the intake of olive protects you from heart disease, due to the unsaturated fats, that olives has.

How it works?When you eat fatty launch, the bad fats will stick to the wall of your arteries leading to atherosclerosis. Olive with high level of monounsaturated fatty acid will prevent this bad cholesterol from oxidising.

All types of olive oil are sources of monounsaturated fat

Olive oil also helps feet cracks

How this oil treat your feet

Rub your feet with olive oil, wear soaks for a few hours, and touch your feet to see the effect of the oil on the cracks, you will need to use it twice weekly to see a good result, and each time you need to leave it a few hours to guarantee pretty feet.

Some people tried also using the olive oil to renew their furniture, yes believe it, all you need to do is Mix one part lemon juice with 3 parts olive oil to make a wooden furniture polish, after cleaning the furniture with the normal solution, do this step and enjoy the renewed furniture.

Get a shiny hair, A few easy steps and things to do and you are all set to have beautiful hair.

Pont 1

Put olive oil in your hair as a pre conditioner; massage your skull with it along with your hair,

Point 2concentrate the oil at the ends of the hair,

Point 3Bring a warm wet towel and rub it around your hair

Point 4 Leave it for 5 hours

Then you can wash your hair with shampoo

It is really good for all hair types ( frizzy, silky or dry).

Another benefit for olive oil is stretch mark

Our grandparnts used olive oil during the 9 months pregnancy to prevent stretch mark, study says it is because olive oil nutrient the skin.

What to say more about olive, what has been said is really enough.

You have to take care of your heart and body by using olive oil in food and lotions.

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Hi this is healthy anyone think so

Very interesting article.

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My mother used olive oil on her nails to prevent breakage. Thank you for the many uses of olive oil and the nutritional info on olives.

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Very well said facts on olives.

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I love the wood from olive trees and have quite a bit of it.

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Lots of information here about olives, vote up

Peter Curtis

like the leaves and young fruit there are plentiful amounts where I live.

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Great information, Many years ago my dad would eat 7 green olives a day for 5 days to lower his cholesterol...voted