Natural Sleep Aids
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Natural Sleep Aids

Natural sleep aids can help to reduce whatÂ’s causing the restlessness that is preventing you from getting a good nightÂ’s sleep. If you have problems falling asleep consistently, you should see a physician to ensure that you do not have chronic insomnia which can be a sign of serious health conditions.

Do you have problems falling asleep?  In most cases worrying only adds to insomnia and problems with sleeping can worsen. It’s not unusual to have an occasional sleepless night, but losing sleep on a regular basis can have serious affects on your health.   Natural sleep aids can help to reduce what’s causing the restlessness.  If you have problems falling asleep consistently, you should see a physician to ensure that you do not have chronic insomnia, which can be a sign of serious health conditions.

Natural sleep aids have been helping with sleeping problems.  The reason sleep is so important, it’s the time when our bodies repair and regenerate itself, preparing for the next day.  If you are having problems with sleeping take a minute to think about what is going on around you to cause the problem.  We need at least 8 hours of sleep every night, keep in mind that not everyone can sleep this long.  Having a regular sleeping schedule shorter than 8 hours is ok, just make sure it's not a cat nap of only 4 hours nightly.  


Make it a habit of relaxing before you go to sleep, take a warm bath, add a few scented candles for some aromatherapy and you may decrease your sleeping problems.  Deep breathing exercises are also known for having relaxing effects, set the stage for your meditations with scented candles, and soft music, just be sure not to fall asleep before you blow out the candles.


We all know that caffeine can be a stimulant adding to problems with sleeping, especially if consumed in the early evening before bedtimes.  There are herbs and teas with natural sedative traits that should be staples in every kitchen.  Herbs actually calm the body, which allows your mind to relax and helps you to fall asleep. 

Chamomile and catnip are popular teas before bedtime, both have holistic remedies that help you to fall asleep.  Valerian is another popular root herb available in tea form.  It helps to relax the body so that you can sleep through the night.  It also comes in a pill form, which helps with the terrible taste.  

Another natural sleeping remedy are hops without the beer.  Yes, the same hops that are used to flavor beer are sedatives and have been used to treat anxiety. So if you are stressing out about something this is the plant to brew just before bedtime. It does have a bitter taste, but it will relax your body and allow you to fall into a deep sleep.


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I quite liek Chamomile Tea, I also find melatonin good.