List of Tips for Self-care in the BPO Industry
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List of Tips for Self-care in the BPO Industry

A guide for us to know what we can do to care for ourselves as BPO workers (Technical Support, Sales, Customer Support) in this time and age where the customer and client demands are higher than what we would ever expect in our lives. Taking care of yourself will take you a long way from what you are doing now and it will be for the better.

In the fast-paced society, people take the lighter road of the BPO industry where they automate tasks and make things seem normally common every day (or night). Though sometimes, we often forget during our calls about what it means to have great health ; in my country, usually the calls start at night and this would often take a toll on people's health, from their circadian clock losing it's natural synchronization to mundane things like weight gain and even multiple sicknesses. Well, here are some tips to keep you sane through the night to keep your performance and health in check.

1. Express your stress creatively - ON MUTE - 

Being expressive on your calls when a customer's situation is giving you attitude (since most customers are only frustrated with the cards that are being dealt with for him or her), never be mad at the customer but at his situation since the problem arose at hand. Never fail to give time to enjoy life's pleasures as another day begins and another call is taken.

2. Your headset is the community headset - 

Some BPO centre's change teams as fast as possible so sometimes that the headsets aren't that much adjusted or changed for your benefit. And from this, it may cause you to have some scars or irritation on your head which can lead to possible scabs and wounds if not treated properly. Though to make up for this in terms of being clean is that your should tape the top part of the headset's headband with either cloth or something similar to prevent the irritation caused by the headset.

3. Coffee isn't all that, there will be a time you'll be immune to it's effects. 

Coffee is good for keeping you up and focused when it comes to calls, but overtime the effects of coffee will be less potent than ever before. Maintain your coffee/caffeine intake and try to substitute it with other activities so you can manage the potency. Also, a reminder that having lesser sugar in your coffee makes it even stronger. So if you do have your usual cup of coffee with sugar to balance out the sweetness, try it out without sugar for once and see the experience. 

4. Socialize

Somehow, you have to be involved with your teammates in any way or form possible so you can cope with work and cope with all other things in life. Meet people if you need to do so.

Anyways, with these four small tips, you can already somehow take care of yourself in this fast-paced industry.

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