Lesson From the Crows to Lessen Our Fears-- A Lesson For 6 August
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Lesson From the Crows to Lessen Our Fears-- A Lesson For 6 August

The world cannot forget easily the result of division and discrimination that was dropped on Japan in the shape of an atom bomb. Human pride and selfishness dropped the world's first atom bomb over the city of Hiroshima. Selfless sharing only leads humanity to a healthy living. The crow teach humanity a lesson of unity through sharing,
It was a bright August morning in Japan that witnessed another brighter burst of fire, devastating the beautiful cities Hiroshima in Japan. That fateful Monday dawned on this earth in the shape of an atomic bomb named "Little Boy" which destroyed the very foundations of a peaceful life. When I came to know about this cruel event, I was standing on a seashore where hundreds of crows were feeding one another. They crowed and called their species to share what was there on the seashore. It was a great sight teaching a lesson that humanity should learn from the crows. Crows teach sharing for unity Crows are the morning guests in most of the places. They come early in the morning and wake up the sleeping world. They call for an active day. Mondays, which are the first working days of the week, need to be more energetic and active. The crows do not just eat whatever they get. They always teach humanity how unity and sharing can make the world happier. It is the most important lesson that the modern world is missing today because of its consumerist and commercial outlook. Crows are known for their unity. They do not have any border dispute or settlement issue. They do not want to encroach any place and colonize countries. They do not discriminate others in any way. They just fly together. Whenever they get something to eat they never eat alone. They caw and call other crows. They share among themselves whatever they may get. Sharing in unity is heaven; division of discrimination is a hell Sharing is the basis of any Dharma. Every religion insists sharing of a life of unity. The Hindu people have a custom to feed the crows on special occasions. Crows teach us the lesson of survival Crows teach us the lesson of sharing. They tell us why we cannot always see beyond our own cultural limitations. They convey the great message that we should be instilled with the wisdom to know ourselves beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking and laws. They eat not only in unity but also warn others of the dangers ahead. Wars are caused by human selfishness and pride. If humanity can learn the language of unity from these crows and share whatever they have in a peaceful settlement, there would be no dispute and war. Humanity can survive peacefully and happily. What leads to wars and divisions? The world cannot forget easily how division and discrimination ended in dropping the bombs on Japan. It is the human pride and selfishness that dropped the world's first atom bomb over the city of Hiroshima. It killed approximately 80,000 people and injured many more. The Hindus believe that the crows are the spirits of our ancestors. Perhaps they may even be the spirits of millions of people who were killed by pride and selfishness! The month of August reminds the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Let us hope that the thoughts of the day will inspire all towards sharing and unity for a healthy living.

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