Is Sunless Tanning Safer That Tanning Beds and Sunbathing?
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Is Sunless Tanning Safer That Tanning Beds and Sunbathing?

Anyone who has been paying attention to the news knows that tanning beds and sunbathing puts us at risk for melanomas and other types of skin cancer. A healthier alternative to sunbathing and tanning beds might be sunless tanning with tanning products. This article will discuss the dangers of sunbathing and tanning beds and safer alternatives to have a healthy looking tan.

Almost everyone wants their skin to have a healthy glowing tan, but the price of that tan can be too much if you decide to lie out in the sun or lay in a tanning bed for any period of time. The time one spends in a tanning bed or tanning booth may just be for a few minutes at a time, but that time is cumulative. The damage done to the skin is done by exposure to the tanning lights over time. Similarly, lying out in the sun for hours can also be detrimental to the skin if the skin is not protected with an adequate sunscreen.

The active “ingredient” from sun tanning and tanning bed tanning is the UV rays. The active ingredient in skin tanning products is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). You can get the skin tanning products in the form of gels, creams, sprays and lotions. Many people apply or spray tanning product onto their faces for an even tan all over. It’s important to wear a nose plug when you or someone else sprays you with the tanning product. It would not be good to inhale this product into your airways. It’s important to keep your eyes closed. It’s also important to spray lightly over the area of your closed eyes, so that the product does not seep into your eyes. Be mindful that DHA tanning products go on clear and will gradually turn the skin tan in about 24 hours. You will see some results sooner than 24 hours, but the total tan will be visible within 24 hours.

How does DHA work?

The DHA in skin tanning products works by reacting with the dead skin cells on your body. The DHA in these creams, sprays and other products leaves a temporary tan that fades over time. It fades as your dead skin is washed away. You have to keep applying the tanning product every few days in order to keep your tanned look. You must be careful in how you apply the creams and lotions, because if you don’t apply them evenly you may see that your tan is streaked. If you use too much of the tanning products you may also turn orange. It will take a little practice to learn how to apply the DHA containing products so that your tan looks natural. Many people enjoy the sprays better than the creams and lotions; applying the spray leaves you with a smooth tan without any streaks. You can get the same effect with the lotions and creams also. You just have to apply it evenly.

Sunless tanning products don’t usually contain sunscreen, so you still will need to use sunscreen when you go out into the sun. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are protected because you applied a tanning product to your skin. It’s not going to prevent you from the UV rays of the sun.


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