Internet Gaming Effects On Mental And Physical Health
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Internet Gaming Effects On Mental And Physical Health

Internet gaming is becoming a usual past time for all ages. The mental and physical effects on healthy living are not completely well known now since online games have not been well evaluated to determine those results. Newborns to adults can be exposed to game playing that ultimately will effect health and wellness.

The Internet has introduced poker, farmville, treasure hunts and war games to occupy the gaming enthusiast. Many of the games online can affect both mental and physical health in often obscure ways for any age.  AAP (The American Academy of Pediatrics ) has strict recommendations for screen time beginning with no screen time for babies from age 1 day to age 2 years. These health points continue with only one to two hours a day for children above the age of two. Quality programing is part of that which does not always include Internet games.

Mature adults monitoring their own screen time with online games can learn some valuable lessons that will influence health & wellness both in the mental and physical capacities through these facts. Young adults should be limited in game playing when that activity interferes with accomplishing home and school requirements. Behaviors will become obvious when the game time on the computer is curtailed or eliminated, so prevention is a better road to pursue for mental and physical good health.

Physical facts to consider for healthy game playing

1.  Know what kinds of games your toddler to teen is playing. Teens are more inclined to choose violent and extreme action gaming, which can be interfering with a multitude of daily events. The need to reach the next level of an Internet game can rob children of more physically active sports and activities.

2.  Limit the game playing until after the homework and chores are done. Physical chores will increase circulation through movements if they are assigned appropriately to the age of the child.

3.  Prevent TV from being placed in the bedroom. Sleep will be encouraged rather than game playing when the screen is not available in those restful quarters. Adequate rest is a recommended health component.

4.  Children who are ostracized are far more likely not to be physically active. Many overweight or extremely underweight teens, and other less socially accepted students are avid game players. These actions further diminish the social skills and physical activities.

Mental Health Facts About Gaming

1.  Safety on the Internet needs to be sought on game playing sites. Bullies, sore losers and crude acting people exist on the Internet game sites. Block sites that contain these personalities that mentally harm game playing people looking for a fun time.

2.  Choosing correct games for ages of people and preferences are designated by ratings to assist the Internet user or guardian of young children. Consult the Entertainment Software Rating Board. EC is rated for early childhood ( 3 and older), AO rated adults only means there is violence or sexually graphic content included in the video or online game.

3.  Behavior is a good gauge, from an early age, when game playing begins to view the results. Adults must review their own actions to determine when gaming interferes with family, work and social events.

Internet gaming is slightly more than a decade old so the mental and physical effects on healthy living are yet to be discovered.


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Comments (16)
Very good write making some excellent points about the impact gaming can have on you both physically and mentality,especially for those who are younger such as children! Great read!
Ranked #128 in Healthy Living

Yes, this is very true. Online games can affect our health too. Thanks for your great information here.

Excellent article, my friend!  So needed!  This internet gaming is everywhere. Thank you for covering this timely subject.  (Recommending you.)

An interesting write. I do not take part in gaming but this is good to know.

Very informative post. Thank you Roberta.

Internet games are addictive and often the player doesn't realize how much time has been spent on a game.  If and when I play a game, which is seldom, I set a timer and when it goes off I save my spot and move on.  I gave you a recommendation Roberta!  

great lines. votes

Ranked #2 in Healthy Living

At my age I still play board games and racing games, surely i missed this one Roberta, thank you.

Just revisiting. Great post indeed! Thank you, Roberta.

Re-visiting. I see you've all but completely stopped writing for Knoji as so many people, myself included. ; )

Ranked #206 in Healthy Living

Excellent article.  I have always thought the gaming industry is doing a "mind job" on our youth and adults, as they play a good portion of games as well.  I have witnessed grandchildren playing fighting games - and their moods change.  It usually ends up in arguing or a fight of some type due to the personality/mood changes they go through when they end up in front of the game.  Fighting games are the worst!  I voted you up and shared.  Nice job!

Excellent discussion of an unavoidable trend brought by the enhancement today\'s technology, Rob.

Thanks for your vote-up to my \"Pleasant Holidays\".   I can\'t wait to see your new interesting article--it has been a long time.

All the best.

Awesome article and provided quite a far bit of advice

Hi  Roberta,      It’s been a long time now since we last communicated.   If you have time, please click this link   If everything goes well, I’ll be adding new summaries to this page.Kindest regards,Gilbert Cooper

Another excellent article, Roberta.  Hope you\'ll be doing more soon xx