Improving Health At The Core Level
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Improving Health At The Core Level

There are well known facts that can improve body and mind health if followed. Some of those mind and physical points are overlooked when someone neglects to review the consequences of their actions before they say or do something that is harmful to a person's health. News worthy information along with remedies to add to good health and wellness are supported within this article.

Recently there has been several "Name calling"  episodes going on in the school system that is breaking down the health of those called the names and the people mentioning those words too. It is when there is unity in neighborhoods that the heart will be healthier for everyone. Looking in the mirror can prove honesty;  of how anyone would feel when a label for a loved one cuts deep wounding more than just one part of the body. Furthermore how can that add anything good to anything or anyone while it shows immature thinking on the part of adults guilty of such acts.

Right now with the uncertainty of world economics; the time to separate from each other is dangerous. Globalists are writing checks that don't have backing, needless bailouts have soaked up millions of United States and other country's tax dollars while some are wondering if they will find a job to support themselves. Civil and world wide unrest adds to the wars continuing on the planet.Who will be the first to admit there is a requirement for peace for the utmost health of all?

An individual can provide some sense of goodness that will permeate into the psyche and body of at least one person with the hope of the trickle down occurring in a speedy way for wellness to take hold into others lives as well. Personal responsibility for words that come from anyone is a basic fundamental beginning. Think before you open your mouth to say what you immediately were going to. While contemplating that review vital steps.

1.  Do the statements say the truth?

2.  Are the statements providing benefit in some way?

3.  When the words are said, are they told in a constructive manner without ridicule.

Repeating things heard can hurt more than the mind. Reconsider these before saying what you heard someone else say.

1.  It is my business to talk about this to anyone?

2.  If this is my personal business then it is my story to tell not anyone elses. Give another this right also and don't repeat what is not yours to say.

3.  What harm or danger is involved in this conversation? Is this something that authorities should know? Know the consequences if this is reported and it is not factual information given.

The fast paced life many live omit the thought process to prevent ill health.There are times when the healing cannot be acquired when deep wounds that were initiated by just words or simple deeds are done. Work on limiting impulsiveness so your gestures, statements and actions fall within normal limits. When you affect someone elses life without thinking; much damage can be done to their health, perhaps forever.


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excellent article thank you for posting it

Once again: excellence! Thank you. (-:

Magnificent article. I totally agre with your words of wisdom. Words can kill someone. We should remember to think twice before saying anything. And don't we all want peace on this beautiful planet? Hats off for this great post, Madam.

you are very right

Thanks for your seemingly infinite health advice, we could all use an improvement to our health!