How to Overcome Bad Eating Habits?
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How to Overcome Bad Eating Habits?

Bad eating habits like over-eating or under-eating or not eating in a timely fashion may ruin your health and thus your healthy life. How to Overcome such habits? Read on

When it comes to personal habits, most of us find it a struggle to maintain discipline, whether it’s exercise or following a healthy diet, time management, etc. Of these, bad eating habits are probably our worst enemy, when it comes to maintaining good health and fitness throughout our lives. Some bad eating habits and how to overcome them are discussed below. Read through them and start making some healthy changes in your life right away.

Snacking: The Great American Pastime

How often do you find yourself reaching for that bag of potato chips, pretzels, candy, etc because you feel like eating? I’m sure the answer is “quite often”. In spite of all the health warnings to stay away from foods which are rich in sugar, saturated fats and salt, it is very difficult to stay away from those tasty snacks, isn’t it?

Binging on unhealthy foods is the direct reason for the increase in childhood and adult obesity in America today! How do you overcome this bad eating habit? Next time you feel hungry, eat a piece of fruit like an apple or orange, or munch on some carrot and radish strips prepared beforehand! Your stomach and your body will thank you for it!

Dieting Mishaps

Once the overeating is done, the guilt follows… What do you do to overcome it? Go on a diet and starve yourself? That sounds right! For most of us satisfaction and guilt are entwined emotions; first we splurge and then we feel guilty enough to take drastic measures such as starving ourselves in atonement, then splurge again and the cycle continues.

The trick to break this vicious cycle is moderation; follow a healthy diet of regular meals and if you do want to eat that delicious chocolate cake, cut yourself a small piece and enjoy! Starving yourself only leads to the body storing up calories as fat reserves, because it is not sure when the next round of nourishment is coming through!

Discipline as your Daily Mantra

Here are some simple guidelines on how to overcome bad eating habits:

1. Never skip breakfast; it is the first meal of the day and helps in revving up your metabolism rate for the tough day ahead;

2. Avoid overeating at lunch and dinner, on the other hand, make sure you eat meals at the proper times, delaying your hunger is as bad as starving yourself;

3. Avoid eating in between meal times, if you find yourself frequently hungry throughout the day, convert your three-meals-a-day into 6-7 mini-meals;

4. Stay away from junk food, eat healthy snacks such as fruits or vegetables mixed into a salad;

5. Food which has high levels of salt, saturated fats, refined sugar, etc must be ingested in minute quantities, this means caffeine, sugary colas, chips, etc.

6. Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your system clean and well-lubricated; water requirements can be made up by drinking unsweetened fruit juices or eating fruits and vegetables rich in water, such as cucumber, melon, etc.

7. Above all, your meals must be balanced with the correct portions of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals and a small amount of fat (a zero-fat diet will also cause problems)!

Learn to eat healthy, exercise regularly and don’t be afraid to give yourself small treats as a reward for your discipline. These are some of the ways in which you can overcome bad eating habits.

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