5-minute Tips for Staying Happy Each Day
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5-minute Tips for Staying Happy Each Day

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of life these days, finding time to enjoy the simple things can seem like an impossible feat.  This phenomenon only worsens during the holidays, when stress levels peak as your calendar becomes more and more crammed with deadlines and engagements.  However, there is still hope for some sanity this holiday season!  Simply take five minutes each day to practice the following.  Not only will your mind be put at ease, but it will help you see that it's a wondeful life after all.

Fixate on the good stuff.

Instead of turning on the tube before bedtime, take five minutes to jot down five good things that happened that day.  They don't have to be life-altering events; in fact, the more mundane the better!  This will encourage your mind to focus on the positive and stop sweating the small stuff.  Writing them down on paper will only reinforce those positive thoughts.  For example, maybe you got a front row parking spot at the grocery store or your boss allowed you an extra 15 minutes for lunch.  The more you list, the faster you will realize that your day went much better than you thought!

(Tip:  If you can't think of 5 things, start out with three.  After a few days, you will find that it gets easier and easier to fixate on those happy instances and keep those negative ones right where they belong - in the past).

Go outside!

Seems easy enough, but for most of us going outside means walking from our car, through the parking lot, then straight into the office building where we spend the next eight hours.  Then back to the car, which is pulled directly into the garage.  People sometimes forget that the most simple pleasures in life can often be found by spending some time with Mother Nature herself.  Find a park or nature trail in your area where you can actually hear birds chirping instead of car horns blasting.  Just a few minutes of solitude and relaxation can go a long way.  You are pretty much guaranteed an immediate feeling of inner peace.

Catch up on your correspondence.

Nothing can help you really appreciate the simple things in life more than the company of a good companion.  Take a few minutes to let an old friend or long-lost cousin know you have been thinking about them.  Who cares that you haven't seen them in ages.  People love to feel loved, and you will be surprised how good you end up feeling in the process.  Forget about the formalities of happy hour or "doing lunch."  A simple old-fashioned phone call will do the trick.  Not big on phone convos?  No problem.  Nothing says good karma like a greeting card to let someone know you care.  The cheesier, the better!

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