How Church Goers Are More Happy and Healthy
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How Church Goers Are More Happy and Healthy

Being regular church goers may provide a lot more for attendees than a sermon. Learn why regular church goers are many times more happy and healthy than their less blessed friends.

Medical science despite its many “snafus” is coming to the conclusion of what many church goers have long known: how to have more health and be more happy than one’s sick friends. Although physicians are just now recognizing the importance of prayer and positive thinking, church goers, and all Judeo-Christian people of faith know that prayer is the most vital part of a speedy recovering but that attending church regularly as church goers offers so much more to those suffering from an illness.

The element of believing in Divine healing, social interaction of other persons of like mind, having a sense of belonging, and frequent visitations by a minister and church members all go a long way in hastening a speedy and quick recovery to those going through an illness. In the December 2010 issue of the American Sociological Review it was recorded that the social sense of belonging which church goers find provides a sense of being "connected" and is a medicine all in its own.

In the study given by Chaeyoon Lim, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and lead author of the study, he related to USA Today that “even church goers who attend services only several times a year experience an increased sense of well-being if there is a group of friends within the community who share a sense of religious identity” (1)

Analyzed data gathered during 2006 - 2007 for the study by Lim and co-author Robert Putnam for part of a Faith Matters Study indicated 33% of church goers who attend worship services weekly had at least three to five friends at church and expressed they were "extremely satisfied" in their lives.  Upon further analyzes, 15% of weekly church attendees reported to have no close friends at church, while those who say they participated in private home worship services were no happier at all than non-church goers. (2)

Other similar studies have discovered that of those church goers hospitalized for medium to long periods in hospitals or convalescent homes, all made more speedy recoveries when visited by friends from their home churches.

Ideally persons need to go to church in order to worship their concept of God but seemingly to those who are regular church goers, church offers so much more.

* There will be prayer offered for the sick for both healing and comfort during a time of crisis.  If your church does not believe in divine healing, then it is advised for one to make a very quick exit out the front door and find another house of worship which does.

*  Visit several churches until you sense you found the one that feels like “home.”

*  By having a minister visit you at home and explain what he believes in you'll see if it "fits right" with you.

*  Attend several weeks before you make the “plunge” to become actively involved in attendance and other events such as dinners, excursion trips and seminars.

* Determine if the church believes in visiting the sick, the imprisoned, providing food for the hungry, supporting orphans and widows -- and above all in the power of prayer.

Finally, be aware that not every place which hangs a cross out on a sign is a true church.  Prayerfully ask God to lead you to the place He would have you attend and proceed in the expectation of that being the place where you are to be healed, have friendships and be fed both spiritually and physically.  Who knows, after joining other regular church goers, you may be so impressed that you in turn can now become a blessing to others less healthy and happy than you.


Written by Beverly Anne Sanchez, March 3, 2011

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Comments (2)

Beverly, when I saw your article title I thought it a bit suspect, but actually, having read it I see your point! I've seen stats on the web which show kids are happier when bought up with a balanced religious background, provided parents are in unison about how to care for them. Having something to believe in can make people happy, but I don't think it has to be religion. Thanks for the interesting read.

Ranked #2 in Healthy Living

Healthy living means both healthy physically and spiritually, thanks for the great thoughts here Beverly including the prayer power.