Healthy Ways to Add Protein to the Breakfast Menu
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Healthy Ways to Add Protein to the Breakfast Menu

Protein is essential for energy, and is an important part of a healthy breakfast menu. Yet many people skip breakfast or eat a morning meal that is are low in protein. Protein can easily be added to breakfast in the form of dairy products, low-fat meat, and non-traditional breakfast foods such as peanut butter and fish.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, yet many people either skip the entire meal or skip the protein. Protein is important for energy, and is easy to add to any breakfast menu. There are many ways to add protein to breakfast in the form of dairy products such as eggs, cheese, and yogurt.  Meat is also a good source of protein.  For those concerned about following a low-fat diet, egg substitutes and low-fat meats such as turkey are a good option.

Eggs or Egg Substitutes Add Breakfast Protein

Eggs have for many years been a popular breakfast item which is a good source of protein.  But many people avoid eating eggs because they are high in cholesterol. There are many healthy ways to fix eggs.  Try poached or boiled eggs instead of fried eggs to cut back on grease.  Egg substitutes such as eggbeaters are also a good way to get protein without the cholesterol .

Cheese and Other Breakfast Dairy Products

Cheese and other dairy products are rich in protein.  A small serving of low fat cream cheese, string cheese, or Laughing Cow Swiss cheese can be a quick way to add protein to a breakfast.  Cottage cheese, plain yogurt, or yogurt topped with fruit are other healthy and good-tasting ways to add protein.

Low-Fat Meats Add Protein to Breakfast Menu

Breakfast meats such as bacon or sausage also add protein to the diet.  To add protein without the calories, many people prefer turkey bacon, which has as much protein as regular bacon but only 30 calories for slice. Turkey sausage is also much leaner and has fewer calories than pork sausage.

 Non-Breakfast Protein Ideas

 Non-breakfast foods can also be a good source of morning protein.  Some people add protein by eating peanut butter on toast or celery.  Others may even have a tuna sandwich or some kind of fish.  In Scandinavian countries, fish such as pickled herring is often served for breakfast.

 Other quick ways to add protein to breakfast include adding a handful of nuts to cereal or eating a breakfast bar high in protein. There are many ways to add protein to the breakfast menu for a healthy start to the day.

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Good suggestions and tips.

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Thank you dear Vickie. Nice article on breakfast. Voted. Thanks for friendship and support.