Health Benefits of Mackerel Fish: Why Mackerel is Good for Your Health
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Health Benefits of Mackerel Fish: Why Mackerel is Good for Your Health

Health Benefits of Mackerel: Why Mackerel is Good for Your Health! Mackerel is an excellent fish for your health as it is offers variety of health benefits. In this article you will learn about the amazing health benefits of eating Mackerel.It is good for heart, brain and memory and also prevents cancer. It helps to improve immunity and also strengthens bones.

Tired of eating salmon and other everyday fishes? It's time to look something different.Mackerel fish is very good for your health as it is packed with number of health benefits. Read on to learn about the amazing health benefits of eating Mackerel. 

Mackerel offers variety of health benefits. It is also widely known as maccarello or lacento and can be enjoyed either fresh or as canned fish. The slim and cylindrical deep water fish Mackerel offers diverse health benefits. It is generally found in Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It has plenty of omega-3 which helps to  prevent heart disease and boosts brain power too. Here is a list of health benefits of Mackerel.

Mackerel Fish is excellent for heart

Inclusion of mackerel in diet improves the heart health. It thins down blood and helps in better blood flow. Lowers the level of bad cholesterol levels and reduces blood coagulation. Better blood flow cuts down the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Mere 100 gram of this fish can add 3000mg omega 3 fatty acids and 250mg omega 6 fatty acids into diet. Mackerel fish is also high in calcium and reduces blood pressure and improves the elasticity of blood vessels. So simply include 1-2 servings of mackerel in regular diet.

Mackerel helps to improve brain, nerve functioning and boosts memory

Mackerel in diet helps to improve brain functioning and boosts memory. Being rich in fatty acids it helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Being rich in DHA, this fish plays a vital role in brain development of young children. Including mackerel twice a week in diet helps to improve memory and concentration.

The fatty fish mackerel is also rich in Vitamin B12 and helps in normal functioning of brain and nervous system.

Mackerel prevents cancer

Eating mackerel rich in omega 3 fatty acids helps to prevent breast, prostate, colon and renal cancers. This fish is also rich in mineral selenium and offers protection from cancer. The coenzyme Q10 helps to eliminate carcinogenic agents from the cells. Being rich in docosahexaenoic acid, some studies have shown that it improves the survival rate of stage 4 breast cancer patients.

Mackerel Improves Immunity

Mackerel improves immunity and helps to prevent arthritis and migraine headaches. Intake of mackerel fish boosts the ability of body to fight infections. For bodies recovering from major illness, intake of mackerel can boost the immunity.

Mackerel is good for bones 

Strength of the bones can be increased by regular intake of mackerel fish which is rich in calcium.

Fresh mackerel is available throughout the year and is relatively low in sodium. Tastes good and this fatty fish can be cooked easily. It is also a wonderful health food for middle aged and older postmenopausal women battling with various health problems.

Mackerel is rich in mercury and must be avoided or taken in very small quantities by pregnant and nursing mothers. Mercury content in fishes can cause impaired neurological development in developing foetuses.

Now that you know of health benefits of mackerel fish, simply include mackerel  in your diet and stay in good health. 

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Ranked #24 in Healthy Living

excellent work thank you

Ranked #10 in Healthy Living

Holy mackerel, Ruby! I love mackerel, especially fresh mackerel, but I never knew that it for so good for me. Good article.

I really go for mackerel!

Thank you so much for this information on mackerel. 

Great article Ruby. Mackerel is my favourite fish. Fortunately I have a supplier not far from home. It is perhaps lesser known and consumed, but it has the benefits you have ourtlined.