Health Benefits of Eating a Banana
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Health Benefits of Eating a Banana

A banana is actually a wonder fruit which has several health benefits and is highly known for its medicinal properties. From simple heart burns to brain functioning, constipation and lot more health problems, bananas act as a natural and easy solution. One may not be aware of the essential benefits that a banana may provide but making it a part of your diet will definitely bring a vast positive change in your health.

A Banana is a simple fruit available easily with lots of health benefits. Banana is indeed a wonder fruit that has various beneficial properties that would improve one's health. Well, some people cannot digest bananas well, so it would better if one could sprinkle a dash of pepper on the banana and consume it which helps in its digestion.

    Banana is such a wonderful fruit with marvellous health benefits and medicinal properties which are mentioned below:


Anaemia and Blood Loss - An anaemic patient has a very low haemoglobin content in his blood and hence suffers from less blood too. Therefore, the consumption of bananas can actually help in increasing the haemoglobin content in the blood as bananas have a very high iron content. It is recommended to have bananas who has donated blood or suffers from less blood content.

Brain Function - Eating bananas everyday assists in the functioning of the brain and increases the power and capability of the brain. Various researches have proved this right when experiments were carried out in students.

Constipation - Bananas are also beneficial to the ones suffering from constipation. Due to the high level of fibre found in bananas, it assists in the restoration of the bowel movement to the normal level, thereby curing the problems related to constipation.

Hangover - It is not always lemons that works best to get rid of hangovers, as bananas can also be used instead for this purpose. Indeed bananas cure hangover very quickly. You can either have banana as a whole or make a delicious milkshake with bananas and add a dash of honey as a sweetening agent. This milkshake rests the stomach and helps to get rid of hangover.

Rashes and Bites from Mosquitoes – Using all sorts of chemical creams, gels and foams are not needed and indeed they are messy and smells terribly. Banana can be used to treat mosquito bites too. Rubing the inside part of the banana skin on mosquito bites works like magic to cure it. The itching and irritation can be efficiently reduced by this method.

Heartburn –  Sometimes people suffer from heart burn. Eating a banana will also help treat heartburns reducing these burns in a natural and healthy way.

Quit Smoking - If you are someone who smokes and are actually wanting to quit smoking, a banana can help. Bananas assists to control the cravings for smoking which will be of get help to help one quit smoking. It has also been proved that a banana can actually help the body from recovering from the ill effects of smoking too.

   Therefore, whenever you see a banana lying in the breakfast table, grab it and make it a part of your diet and enjoy the beneficial properties that a banana provides to lead a healthy life.

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