Growth Hormone Therapy - Does It Really Help ?
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Growth Hormone Therapy - Does It Really Help ?

Who wouldnt want to add an inch or two to his/her height.Most parents are concerned about their children wanting to know about the worth of so called ' Growth' tonics in the market that promise to make short people taller - Does it really help and what are pros and cons of growth harmone therapies ? Since, most parents wanting their children to be special in every respect , are very likely to try out a growth harmone therapy as a last resort..

Height - and especially the lack of it is an issue that never goes away. According to biologists - for every type of animal there is a most convenient size, talking about all living species in general including human beings.

However, in a social set up height or the lack of it can become a problem, more so for males than females. In fact, they are the butt of many jokes by friends and colleagues which is no doubt unfair. Many short people grow up with an inferiority complex and insecurity which can cause serious psychological problems in their adult life .Given such an attitude by the general public, even family members and relatives contributing directly or indirectly , the demand for any kind of treatment that promises to promote growth seems like Manna from heaven to short people and their anxious parents .No wonder then that Growth tonics and growth harmones are so much in demand all over the world.

But the question is how far do they help a short person gow taller?

Studies conducted on children with true growth harmone deficiency, the condition known as hypopituitary dwarfism, have provided insights into the long term effects of gtrowing up very small.They tend to be depressed, helpless ,feeling alienated and unable to handle stressful situations like people with normal growth did because of a feeling of helplessness created mostly by the attitude of the society , often treating them like small children .

As for the growth harmones and tonics ,most biologists are of the opinion that while it might induce a spurt of 2 or 3 inches on healthy adults ( here being healthy includes mental state as well ) it may not have any effect on others who actually need it.

As discussed short people who feel insecure ,pessimistic and deperessed are the ones that are likely to take such treatments and as stated above it may not really help them.

History of Growth Harmones

The growth harmone known as Somatotropin was discovered only in 1956.The protein secreted in the pituitary gland in the brain promotes an average of two or three inches growth per year for roughly from age three until puberty. The Harmone was first used to treat dwarfism in 1958.For many years doctors have been collecting pitifully small amounts of the harmone from the brains of human cadavers.However, it was discovered that some of the donors turned out to have been infected with a virus for disease that causes severe neurological damage and even death. The adminstration of such growth harmones resulted in several fatalities which led to a suspension of its use in 1985.

However, scientists in the US had been working on genetically engineered harmone, which received approval in the later part of 1985.The growth harmone industry has become very big with a combined annual income that runs to billions of dollars.

The results have been erratic based on other genetic factors in an individual. Studies also suggest that the resultant growth when it happens with growth harmones may very well have been a natural spurt, given the fact that most parents go in for a growth harmone therapy when the adolescent is still at the growth stage .Since, most parents wanting their children to be special in every respect , are very likely to try out a growth harmone therapy as a last resort and this is what makes it such a success story whether the results are positive or not.The kind of ads that most of these products come up with only make short people feel even more inferior and insecure about themselves and are determined to make things better for themselves by trying out the product. 

Napolean and Hitler were both short and I was reading accounts about their own lives where they had to face many hurdles and grew up wanting to be bigger than other men in deeds .So, if you are small,learning to live with it is the best thing to do..

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