Five Important Characteristics of a Healthy Diet
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Five Important Characteristics of a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet, containing all necessary nutrients, is helpful to maintain the health and keeps you young and fit and keeps your attitude in good shape and also balances your relationships around you healthy. You can add vegetables, fruits and cereals with your staple food to make balanced healthy diet.

Food is very essential for the survival of life. Food nourishes and strengthens our body and mind. We have to eat sufficient food to provide calories for the functions of body organs. Balanced food can maintain our health well. Today, many people suffer from various diseases because of overeating. More people die of overeating than people dying of hunger. The following article may help us know the five important ingredients of a healthy diet.

Human life is a struggle to survive in life. Food has great importance in this struggle for survival. Most of the human activities are performed in search of food. Food provides energy. It strengthens body and mind. The famous Greek philosopher Hippocrates said that food is medicine. Eating food, undoubtedly, has the greatest effect on maintaining health. Eating comes as the most frequent activity that we do after breathing during a lifetime.

Nature has provided plenty of food items for human survival. Humans have to find them out and make use of them for their healthy life. Choosing the right food is necessary in maintaining a healthy life. We choose only foods that we like. Many things depend upon the choice of food. Price of food products, ease of preparing food, taste of food, and nutritive value of food decide choice of food. Of course, they have to be considered while choosing foods.

Nutritious food for healthy living

Eating nutritious food is very important in maintaining healthy life. Right choice of food can help preventing many diseases. Wrong habits and choice of food lead to health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer.

Five important ingredients of healthy diet

Nutrition experts have revealed many facts about the characteristics of a healthy diet. Most of them agree in insisting the following five characteristics or ingredients of a diet.

1) Your diet should be a balanced one

Foods are rich in certain nutrients. Your diet should be a balanced one. It should contain all the necessary nutrients, needed for your health condition. Never fill your stomach with only certain some foods, neglecting others. Some take more calcium foods but they ignore other minerals.

2) Sufficient food

A healthy diet contains a quantity adequate to maintain health. Your diet should provide you necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins, sufficient enough to replace those which you use up daily.

3) Calorie control is an important factor of the diet

You must watch if you take no more calories than you use. Food that is not burned by physical or mental activities is stored in the body in the shape of fat. Fat,stored in the body and not used, causes many health problems.

4) Variety in food

You should eat different foods. Modern children are picky in their eating habits and they eat the same food they like. You should ensure all nutrients in your diet. Eating a lot of the same food may increase only toxins.

5) Moderation in eating is very important

Control in eating is very necessary. Overeating foods containing fat and sugar will increase chances of health problems. Moderation of foods does not mean total abstinence.

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