Clothing Gift Ideas for Tanning and Energy: CoolTan & Jaco
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Clothing Gift Ideas for Tanning and Energy: CoolTan & Jaco

In this report

As more and more things are invented and copied, it is increasingly hard to find something “new” and exciting.

Originally this list was to be a top ten list, but I only managed to fine two truly innovative ideas, although I am sure there are more hiding in cyberspace, just waiting to be discovered.

Both of these are clothes and not computer or gadget related as many people would expect when they hear “innovative”.

Of these two, one, Cool Tan, utilizes a totally different and patented fabric, so it is unlikely to find copies on the market, while the other Jaco, uses fabric that does exist, but that is not being widely used as yet, and certainly not in the same field as Jaco – one is free time or holiday orientated while the other is sports.

Both offer “healthy" clothes, and yet the prices are similar to sites with the same product, but without the advanced fabric. That makes these two sites good value for money, and with comfort and easy maintenance, these clothes are something not to be ignored.

One Piece Swimsuits Gold Lynx Tank

Cool Tan, technically sells men’s and women’s beachwear and swimwear, but in practice, they sell a whole new way of getting a tan and looking good. Unless you have come across the Cool Tan site before, you probably had no idea a product such as this existed.

Their products are;

  • Ladies swimwear - one-piece suits and bikinis
  • Ladies matching sarong and shorts
  • Ladies T-shirts and tops
  • Men’s shorts – long and short
  • Men’s suits
  • Men’s trunks
  • Men’s T-shirts

When buying a bikini here, you put in the top size and the bottom size separately, which is a great feature for all women who are not exactly the same size.

All the clothes on this site let you get a tan through your clothes. This means you can get tanned while doing gardening or walking to the shops – or if you are one of the lucky ones who works outside, there need be no more T-shirt lines and ladies need no longer be bothered by strap lines.

More and more places such as restaurants and bars are forbidding admittance to customers wearing swimwear, yet you are often sitting outside in the sun. Cool Tan allows you to be dressed respectably and still get brown evenly.

The Microsol fabric that allows the sun to pass through, (and it is this they patented), also works as a medium sun block, helping protect you from damage at the same time. The fabric breathes, keeping you cool and is quick drying and don’t worry, it is not see through either wet or dry. This material is also very salt and pool chemical resistant, so can be used in all situations.

The material absorbs moisture, which is then quickly dried, and this keeps you cool and feeling fresher for longer.

The site is relatively user friendly, with one minor complaint. The sarong and shorts are not shown or listed along with the other products, and unless you come across them by mistake, (with other costumes), customers would not know they were sold on this site.

Cool Tan  ladies swimsuits are$67.95 - $75.95 and this is roughly the same as a normal swimsuit can cost.

Cool Tan say they are working on a new range, so there should be more choice soon.

To read a more detailed review of this site click Cool Tan

548px × 350px

#2 - Jaco Clothing

Jaco sell sports clothes that not only enhance performance, but actually make you healthier. 

Their line includes;

  • long and short sleeved T-shirts
  • thermal tops
  • pants and shorts
  • jackets
  • bags
  • socks
  • women’s sports bras

Their products are made with different materials but many of the clothes use Bamboo or a mixture of Bamboo and Bamboo charcoal.

The resulting fabric is not only incredibly soft and amazingly strong and durable, but it also bacteria free, allergy free and smell-proof. It lets the body breathe and absorbs moisture and oil your body releases, drying them quickly. Bamboo charcoal also releases ions and these are health giving and prevent tiredness. This gives clothes that are comfortable, light and healthy all at the same time.

The fabric is so soft and bacteria free, dust and dirt adhere to it less than other fabrics, and washing is done in cold water and often without detergent, and the wrinkle free properties mean no ironing is necessary, so these clothes are easy and economical to maintain as well.

Bamboo, once cut, grows again quickly from the original root and need no fertilizer, making it sustainable and eco-friendly. Bamboo releases more oxygen than trees, so it good for the planet as well as your body.

The Jaco website is easy to navigate and the categories are self-explanatory. Product range is somewhat limited, but is probably still in the early stages and I assume they will expand their range.

For some reason they seem rather focused on Jiu-Jitsu, (there is often a logo on the top representing this sport), and why they do not make more general clothes that would also suit a tennis player, for example, I can not begin to imagine. Again, perhaps this is the beginning and other sports, or more general items will soon be available.

The site is well set out, but a couple of items are missing, one is an “about us” section, and it would be interesting to know why they went for these eco-clothes. The other is a spiel about bamboo fabric and the qualities it has, I just happened to write an article about it, (also wooden clothing and others, click New Eco-Friendly, Healthy Textiles to read),  and already knew the characteristics bamboo offers – otherwise it would have appeared just like any other fabric, if I had only this site to go on.

The Jaco T-shirts cost between $19.99 and $60, but at this price are no more expensive than ordinary T-shirts, while these ones offer so much more.

Jaco have a 30-day, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, but go further saying, they will replace it free of charge, “at any time”, if the product develops a flaw.

To read a more detailed review of this site click Jaco

Jaco Clothing - About our Brand

The Bottom Line

Each of these sites offer their products for specific situations, beach, holiday and so on for Cool Tan and Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts type sports for Jaco, both of these offer great products for many other situations.

You can use Cool Tan for any outdoor activity, and this includes training, so that you can get a tan, either to look and feel better, or in preparation for a vacation, and Jaco for any pursuit, from cycling for fun to hiking and walking, and you will feel better and be healthier.

Both Cool Tan and Jaco appear to be relatively new sites, and as such may expand their range to include more products, colors and additional items, but with competitive prices and incredible advantages, you may want to think about sacrificing color or pattern choice for the good of your health, tan or just a general “feel good” quality that these clothes will offer.

Visit these sites and have a look round. That is the beauty of shopping on the web, you can do it any time you feel like it, and it is so easy.

790px × 300px

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