Brisk Walking Adds Years To Your Life
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Brisk Walking Adds Years To Your Life

Want to live longer? Who doesnÂ’t? So, keep up a good pace when you walk and greet your friends with a strong, firm handshake

Greeting Friends With A Firm Shake Of Hand Also Ups Longevity…

Want to live longer? Who doesn’t? So, keep up a good pace when you walk and greet your friends with a strong, firm handshake, states a new study by British experts.

The researchers at the University College London have found that the people who walk fast are almost three times less likely to die early than those who have a slower pace; and those with strong grip are one-and-a-half times more likely to live longer than people with a weak hold.

There is a different reason for the increase in the life expectancy by walking with a strong grip and shaking hands firmly, which isn’t yet unrevealed by the researchers, but the reasons include the fact that walking, especially walking fast, burns the extra calories in our body, which also reduce the chance to chronic diseases and disorders, like heart stroke, hypertension, etc; also walking fast reduces the obesity and hence it increases the life expectancy. The long you walk, the long you live…

The researchers came to the conclusion on an analysis of thirty three researches involving more than fifty thousand men and women who were mostly over seventy, stated the sources.

The study has suggested that some simple physical tests would help the doctors detect their patients who are becoming frail long before they become ill or have an accident. Moreover, it may be quite possible to spot and help the patients long before they suffer any injury.

Simple non invasive assessment measures could surely help the doctors to identify those most vulnerable to poor health in the later life and who may benefit from early intervention to keep them active for a longer period. Screening the elderly people for such so fundamental physical activities as walking, shaking hands or getting in and out of a chair could be used as a simple and inexpensive tool to monitor their health.

However, the researchers have called for more research into whether grip strength and walking fast lengthens our precious life.

Ultimately, trials will be needed to determine whether interventions aimed at improving physical capability are effective at reducing morbidity and mortality. Research that helps the people to enjoy a long and healthy life is ever more important to help cater for an aging population.

All the findings have been published in the latest edition of the British Medical Journal (the source of article).

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Comments (3)

Been a huge advocate of walking for 40 years now. Good for the heart, good for the plumbing, and keeps lead in your pencil!

I agree with James! I got rid of the car in 1978. It's either my feet or Continental Airlines! Good job, voted and appreciated!