8 Ways on How to Deal with Problems
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8 Ways on How to Deal with Problems

Are you perennially beset by problems that seem not to go away? Do you feel so down and so low and want to give up? You are not alone and solutions are just a step away. You can explore many ways to deal with your problematic situation. And here are eight ways on how to deal with your problems and be master of your destiny.

When you're down and out, and feeling so low.

Those are one of the line of lyrics of a well-known song "A Bridge Over Troubled Waters" that you might have encountered at one point in your life if you are born sometime in the 60s. This song may bring some memories that can make you feel down... and out.

Many people experience downsides in their life, while a few others experience a lot of downsides in their livable life. Just how can one deal with problem situations that never end? In the study of biology, there are two ways by which animals may deal with problem situations: it could be fight or flight.

If you are one of those people that find themselves trapped in a fight or flight situation, here are some tips that may prove helpful and bring cheers and meaning to your life.

1. Ignore your problems and concentrate on things that are positive. There will always be a way out of a problematic situation. Always hope for the best to happen. According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, positive thinkers had about 50 percent lower death risk than negative thinkers or pessimists.

2. Project on things that could happen in the future. Examine your problems carefully, analyze them if they are time related. Chances are, many of these will just pass away with time.

3. Run for your life. This is not escaping, rather, this refers to running as aerobic exercise to get rid of stress due to problems. Aerobic exercise can relieve you of your concerns as you are well able to deal with problems when you are physically healthy. Running is a good stress reliever.

4. Seek other perspectives or advice from those senior to you. Ask other people on how they dealt with problems similar to yours. You can gain insights from their experience and act accordingly.


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5. If you are really eager to get rid of your problems, attack the easy ones. If you are keen at reducing your problems, begin with the manageable ones. You will need to make a list to help you get a better view of your problem situation. The list will also help you identify which ones are within your control and which ones are not.

6. Cultivate your spirituality. Believing in a one, true God can help you get out of your earthly concerns. Cast your burdens to Jesus and He will give you rest. 

7. Have a support group. Find people who have similar circumstances as you are and connect with them. Having someone to relate one's concerns is cathartic. If you own up all your concerns, you will tend to take pity on yourself. Let it out and find compassionate support.

8. Undertake a major activity where you can focus your energies on. Discover your other talents. There are always things worth pursuing, another activity which interests you and wean you away from your problems. Who knows, that activity may turn out to be the solution to many of your problems.

As long a you live, there is always hope. And hope is what keeps people dreaming and eventually finding their way towards self-actualization and in the long run find satisfaction in their lives.

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Comments (2)

Running is a good exercise which can help produce endorphins. Voted up! =)

Thanks IJ. Hope that somehow perked you up.