10 Tips to Eating Healthy
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10 Tips to Eating Healthy

10 tips on how to eat healthier

I've typed up other articles on weight loss, such as "how to jump start your weight loss" and "how to lose weight and keep it off". But now, I want to discuss 10 tips on how you can eat healthier. So, let's get started!

1. Eat regular meals

      Eating regular meals such as breakfast, lunch & dinner will help to keep you full longer. Skipping meals makes you hungrier at the end of the day and you can end up over eating which can cause heartburn or stomach aches.

2. Don't eat after 8pm

      Eating after 8pm can result in digestion that isn't fully broken down, which can lead to gaining weight. Lots of people "midnight snack" or go to Wendy's around 10pm (I've been there, done that) It's quite unhealthy and if you have acid reflux (also known as GERD) then you can have a flare up of acid while your sleeping.

3. Eat only in the dining room or kitchen table

      Now this one could actually be different for many people. If you have a big family, then eating around the table might be good as everyone is around to have a conversation. However, if you're single then possible sitting in front of the tv or computer will work just fine. Why, you wonder? Well, it takes our bellies 20 minutes to figure out it's full and if you're sitting at the table stuffing food in your mouth, than you're more likely to over-eat. So spend at least 20 minutes to finish your food at the table or by the computer. It obviously doesn't hurt you to watch a show on hulu and eat some dinner :)

4. Start with small portions

      In the past, I used to grab a lot of food. Especially if I went out to eat. But I didn't realize the damage that was doing to my body. You're forcing your body to eat more than it can handle. This one goes hand in hand with taking 20 mins to eat your food. So, next time you are at a thanksgiving dinner or a buffet at some restaurant, just grab a couple pieces of each food. If you find you're still hungry than go back for more. 

5. Eat your veggies first

     Eating veggies first will help you to feel fuller sooner. So, what you can do is start out with veggies, than move onto the main course. But eat a little bit at a time.

6. Have a cup of tea or water

      Another important way to curb your appetite during the day is to have a cup of tea. Preferably one such as green, black or ginger tea. They are full of anti-oxidents and help to sooth your belly as well as make it feel full for a bit.

7. Learn to eat more slowly

      I've already talked about this above in a few tips, but I highly recommend you just eat your food slowly. Eat it slow, in small portions and never after 8pm. Pretty soon you'll start to find a healthier you! And your stomach will thank you!

8. Snack of fresh fruit, veggies, yogurt

      Snacking on junk food is unhealthy and can upset your belly. So be nice and don't rewind! But Just eat some carrots, cranberries, apples, steamed veggies and some yogurt with pro-biotics. It's very healthy for you. 

9. Drink lots of water

      Drinking water everyday is beneficial for your health as it hydrates your body and helps to keep your bowels moving as well as clean out your kidney's. 

10. Go for a walk or practice Yoga

      If you notice your kind of hungry but it's not time to eat, then try going on a walk or doing some yoga. The yoga will actually have you feeling better and you'll completely forgot your stomach was rumbling. It'll stretch your body and possibly make you sweat, then you're forced to drink some water or tea, which in turn helps your stomach feel full. 


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